Cybersecurity4D: Leveraging Emerging Technologies.

Securing the Future: Harnessing EmergingTechnologies for Cybersecurity in Development

August 21 – 23, 2024 East London EC SA


This conference is specifically designed to engage a diverse array of participants, including development professionals, cybersecurity experts, policymakers, academicians, and representatives from small, medium, and micro enterprises (SMMEs), along with researchers. It’s tailored to meet the needs of those directly involved in development projects, and equally beneficial for individuals in advisory, regulatory, or educational roles within the cybersecurity sector. Furthermore, the conference delves into the interplay between cybersecurity and other emerging technologies, offering valuable insights for professionals across various industry sectors.


We acknowledge the universal significance of cybersecurity, as it has repercussions for both individuals and organisations across a multitude of disciplines and sectors. The subsequent listing is not exhaustive but provides a general representation of the potential audience for the Cybersecurity4D Conference:

1. Development Professionals: Individuals involved in development projects across various sectors interested in learning how cybersecurity can be integrated into their projects to safeguard data and systems during development.
2. Cybersecurity Experts and Enthusiasts: Professionals and young enthusiasts in the field of cybersecurity.
3. Policy Makers and Government Officials: Focused on policy development, international standards, and national-level cybersecurity strategies.
4. Academicians and Researchers: Individuals in academia with a focus on cybersecurity and development.
5. Corporates and SMMEs (Small, Medium, and Micro Enterprises): Covering businesses of all sizes, offering practical cybersecurity guidance and risk management strategies.
6. Youth: This includes both unemployed young individuals and students.
7. Multidisciplinary: cuts across professions and sectors


Speaker Showcase
Prof. Attlee Gamundani
Namibia University of Science and Technology

Adv. Lufuno T Tshikalange (LLM in IT Law)
Director and Cyberlaw Specialist
Orizur Consulting Enterprise
Certified CIO

Adv. Lufuno T Tshikalange, a distinguished cyberlaw specialist, has over 20 years of experience in ICT regulation. She founded Orizur Consulting in 2017, focusing on cyberlaw, data privacy, cybersecurity governance, and ICT procurement. Her mission is to promote STEAM education, advocate for cybersecurity culture, and ensure effective digital policy implementation in Africa, emphasizing digital human rights and security. She holds an LLM in Information Technology Law and several ICT-related postgraduate qualifications.